Director’s Message

indore public school envisions itself as an Inspirational and an Innovative School. The school believes that every child is a champion willing to embrace a “dare to dream” spirit.The school has grown over the years and done well in many aspects due to a team of dedicated, caring teachers, staff, supportive parents, alumni and the school advisory committee.

Teaching and Learning at indore public school is driven by the school’s philosophy of education articulated as:- Every child matters, Every child can learn, Every child can contribute, Every teacher can make a difference and, Every parent is a supportive partner

We strive to know and help our students to discover their individual strengths and develop them to reach their fullest potential within a supportive environment.

Each student is nurtured holistically in the Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetics, Physical and Socio-moral domains while balancing acquisition of knowledge, skills & values and these competencies will equip them for work and for life.

A student’s holistic growth begins from a caring and collaborative school culture and tone. Cultivating this culture and tone is each staff member’s responsibility and is demonstrated in the different facets of the school’s curriculum deliveries; in how lessons are planned, how learning is shared, how safety is managed, how discipline is enforced and how relationships and partnerships are built. We also believe that a caring and collaborative culture does not compromise on the high academic standards and rigor expected.

Every child is a “Star Child” and we encourage the values of Integrity, Self-discipline, Teamwork, Adaptability and Respect as the moral compass to guide our students and staff.

As educators we are guardians of our children’s future. To safeguard what is entrusted to us, it is critical that we channel our educational efforts towards developing the whole child to be the 21st century learners so that they can be a force for good in the world. This is our mission and calling.

We are guardians of children’s curiosity for learning. Children are naturally curious. They question, explore and wonder, they grow and learn. At indore public school, we want our children to stay curious and develop an inquisitive spirit that thrives on exploration and discovery. This will better prepare them for an unpredictable world.

Mrs. Kumudini Choudhary


indore public school

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10th Foundation day was celebrated on 6th July with full joy and galore

Admissions open Nursery to IX

News & Notices

Red Day will be celebrated by Preprimary on 1st August

Rainy Day will be celebrated by Preprimary on 7th August