Principal's Message

It’s been more than 11 years when I joined this wonderful “IPS” family and still it seems so fresh. Education is a dynamic field and every day is a new day, it brings its own gifts and challenges especially when you are interacting with young and vibrant group of children. Our aim is to create a Peaceful, Creative, Competent, Happy, Healthy and Productive citizens who can contribute in country’s progress in every possible manner. Here at ips we try to create the thirst in the children and believe that with the creative approach and potential they will find the path and take appropriate righteous actions to quench their thirst. Todays the desperate need of society is, to restore peace by balancing the feeling of acceptance and live in harmony with each other, with nature & with animals. Most of the problems of the world can be solved easily with right value system. We try to imbibe in them that hatred and violence can never benefited anyone, but love and compassion has healing powers. Unconditional love, wisdom, forgiveness, kindness and compassion, are the qualities to have happy and civilized nation. And we all must think to contribute for a peaceful and constructive society. Preaching alone will not be of any use until we start. True leadership needs courage, humility, positive thinking and will to give back something to the society. We must take a conscious decision, to be more loving, kind, more forgiving, more compassionate towards situation/s and this patient and needed behavior of ours will go a long way in bringing peace and harmony. It is said that ONE EVOLVED, COMPASSIONATE SOUL IS EQUAL TO A THOUSAND UN AWAKENED SOULS. Let’s give us our best to create such soul. Because children follow examples not advice. Jai Hind… Jai ips…


indore public school - Eastern Campus